2015 Advanced Clash of Clans Attacking Strategy for TH 7 Players

In Clash of Clans, Clan War battles are a good supply of both assets in addition to gems (through the accomplishments ¨C War Hero III may be worth 1,000 gems!). At Town Hall 7, gamers get access to some good unit combinations that may permit them to easily 100% obvious any Town Hall 7 player in addition to many low to mid-range Town Hall 8 gamers.

For your clan to win (and obtain the large resource reward) in addition to be able to unlock the Clan War accomplishments, you ought to get a 3 star obvious on attacks if at all possible. Consequently, within this help guide to COC Clan War attack methods, I’ll be since the best methods for gamers to make use of only at that level range to be able to get easy 3 star clears.

The very best (and possibly most overlooked) facet of Clan Wars is the fact that gamers can take part in Clan Wars while there is a shield. A great method of getting additional Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 without subjecting you to ultimately another attack.

Following are a series of video guides to show how to make a good action and have an awesome attacking idea to place your troop units and get victory in the enemy base.

#1 Best Town Hall 7 Attacking Strategy In COC

#2 High effective Attacking Strategy to win each time and get upgrade soon

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