2015 Top Clash of Clans TH10 Farming Base Design For Resources Protection

If you still have no good idea to build a high quality TH10 farming base to protect your resources and town hall, then today I will share you one image of farming base design with some analysis. With the guide of it, hope you can set up your perfect th10 farming base, also, it will take other attacker much money if they want to get loot.

Castle radius
Town Hall is positioned outdoors in many farming base, however, greater trophies include more powerful opponents. And So I put my town hall in the region included in protection.
COC troops is going to be attracted out only if cannons at the end are destroyed.

Heroes are put above Town Hall to prevent town hall snipers.

Traps Positioning
You will find many free 2*2 tiles within the base. So it?ˉs hard to look for the positioning of traps. Tanks within the corner can give wall breakers an unexpected.

Inferno Towers
The 2 Inferno Towers they fit individually so freezing spell are only able to freeze one.

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