7 Archer little Clash of Clans tenth enhance science and technology upgrade order

Today saw the beginning of someone guiding TH 10 order to upgrade science and technology, the 7 Archer on the front, it is unable to sit still, give you an analysis under 7 Archer in its current form it, the data speak

We see 7 MM per second attack power increased only 3, 10 also only 30, which is helpful for offensive speed, but its limited.


MM that the viability of MM is very easy to get together and swarm seconds

seven elevate blood MM 4, the total is 48, compared with six of 44 MM enhance almost negligible, why say so, or look at the data:

10 level cannon, corresponding to TH 8, 52 damage per attack, sec 7 MM

7 level mortars, corresponding to TH 9, 55 damage per attack, sec 7 MM

7 level Wizard column, corresponding to TH 9, 52 damage per attack, sec 7 MM

The tower has just revised special, 13 tower 6 7 MM could seconds

12 level -9 level change it to be played twice,

big bomb: full seconds,

bomblets: 6,7 MM are second class can not afford to,

Only six electrical tower electrical tower in the attack 6.7 MM when there will be a gap, the other grade electrical towers are the same.

We know that a normal development of TH 10, the main source of income is two, one is dead resource in collector, the other one is a large living resource in collector TH 9 and TH 10. Death resource in collector does not matter what the troops can easily be eaten, not to mention in this.

However, in the face of normal development when TH TH 9 and 10, 7 MM defense facilities in the face when the blood relative to 6 MM little advantage, basically being a second life, just attack power +3 not worth stood Giant Bomb Giant Goblins did not rise to rise MM, wasted 14 days 750W.

TH recommends upgrading order 10

Bomberman  giant, Goblins Cock wire ; frozen

Of course, if you are only interested Horde can first upgrade freezing and stone people.

The last to be advertising, Nanjing 1024,8 days once the war, the past six months did not lose too, welcomed the Town Hall 9 after the mid and Town Hall 10 to join.