Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 (COC ) 3 star Golem and Wizard and Double King

Today i will share Town Hall 9 Golem and Wizard Rush 3 star attack strategy, then here’s a look some of the specific tactical operations and wonderful to share it! I believe that the hand of the player residual party is very happy to see, because the blood thick stone are able to resist the enemy, and this play is really quite good, even then scored two hands residues can star Oh!

The Golem and Wizard Rush push to bring full anti Town Hall 9 (walls slightly, mix Ghost wall purple wall, saving two bomb of the population), formation as follows:[formation analysis]

This array is a triangle formation, the shape of the chapter resource in collector. Before hairdryer version update, four (five) Lava Hound and Balloon fight this array majority.

Golem and Wizard Rush under attack by the supremacy of this array, combined with the double bounce allows large forces in advance of compacted state without walls![offensive tips]

Troop combination: 2 Level 2 Golems, 23 Level 5 Wizards, 8 Level 5 Wall Breakers, 7 Level 6 Archers, Level 12 Archer Queen, Level 13 Barbarian King