3 Star Triple Golem GoHo Attack Strategy of TH 9

When attacking a Town Hall level 9 base with extended layout or loosely – knitted buildings, we may need more types of troops than the usual GoWiWi army formation to get a 3 star win. Troops such as Hog Riders can take down mid-HP defenses while the major force is ravaging in the core.

Let’s look at the details of troops composition and deploy tactic of Triple Golem and Hog Riders combo attack strategy.

TH 9 Hybrid Base

Army composition of TH 9 Triple Golem GoHo combo attack strategy:

Troops: 3 Golems, 6 Wizards, 3 Witches, 15 Hog Riders, 1 Balloon, 10 Wall Breakers;

Spells: 2 Jump Spells, 1 Healing Spell, 1 Rage Spell.

How to deploy:

First: Put 2 Golems and 4 Wizards at one side clear obstacles, soak up defenses. Drop Wall Breakers to open three breaches in Walls to allow Golems penetrating into different cells. The main force lead by one Golem would enter through the middle path.

Three breaches with the main force marching in the middle for the core.

Second: drop Rage Spell to cover Golem, Barbarian King and Skeletons. Then drop Jump Spell on them. Remember to let the Jump Spell covers the Witches and Wizards on the edge of its ring. This way they wouldn’t rush too fast and be shot down prematurely.

When and where to drop spells

Third: see the time when Golems has attract defenses on the left and right side, release Hog Riders. Divide them into five teams each contains 2-3 Hog Riders. Destroy the remaining defenses one by one.

Hog Riders attack routes

Fourth: drop the remaining Healing Spell and Jump Spell according to the progression of your troops.

Fifth: put a Balloon to clear the Wizard Tower or Hidden Telsa, because your Wizards or Witches can’t deal with them. And you need WiWi to clean everything.

Balloon on Wizard Tower


Plan your Golem attack route well and your Archer Queen and Witches can last till the end of battle.

In dealing with extended layout with lots of gaps inside, Skeletons produced by Witches can induce traps and clear minor obstacles.


You need at least one Archer Queen to fight to the end. As other troops are meat shield and she could walk behind to clear defenses effectively.

This strategy is more workable for extended and loose layout. If you see layouts with little or no gaps, use Golem and Lavaloonion strategy is more suitable.

It’s also important that all your Golems go the right direction, so that you can push in in three different routes, dividing the defenses. So practice more, make sure you have full command of the deployment tactics before you attack.

I hope this triple Golems + Hog + WiWi + Double Kings strategy is helpful for you to get a 3 star. If you have any question, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Thanks!