Clash of Clans TH 8 (COC) 3 star All Hog Rider Rush Attack Strategy

COC Clash of Clans 3 star full anti-TH 8 anti Hog rider + video graphics array Hog rider tactical analysis

for the players to bring the clash of clans (COC) in about 3 star full anti Town Hall 8, the strongest anti-Hog rider’s formation still able boar mixed Rush bulldozed, do not believe it to look! Photo + Video resolve what the next strongest military skills and tactical analysis, hoping to help the players oh!

a. Pig Rush Dawn of the strongest anti-pig array. Wisdom! Sharp! (Graphic explanation)

1. First attach formation diagram (clearing a lot, does not simulate the first fight, I really do not know where the big fry (rhymes, there is not, is there.))

2. The tower at 2:00 and 7:00 of Cannon at point Pig ~

(intent:! + Caikong attract coalition soldiers, the smart)

3. good character, Caikong ground, can step on two big bomb. (A left, basically no threat)