Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order Guide

1. Laboratory:

More troop upgrades, more attack power. Upgrade Laboratory first for level 6 Archers and Barbarians, for boosting your farming speed. You can’t attack other villages If your troops still like TH8’s.

2. Camps:

For more housing spaces for your army, for more powerful and farming successful rate.

3. Heroes:

If you have unlimited Dark Elixir, you still need 135 days to upgrade your King to level 30 and 157,5 days for level 30 Queen. We all don’t want to stay at Town Hall 9 for years, so upgrade them all the time!

4. Dark Elixir Drills:

With 2 maxed Drills, you can collect 4800 Dark Elixir everyday.

5. X-bows:

The new and they core defense of Town Hall 9. Upgrade it as soon as possible!

6. Air Sweeper:

Air Attacks at Town Hall 9 are quite popular from Crystal 2. The Air Sweeper will make the battle be much harder. We hate it!

7. Mortars, Wizards Towers:

People usually use Barch for farming. With splash damage defense buildings are Mortars and Wizards Towers, you don’t need to worry about Barch.

8. Air Defenses:

AD is the key air defense building for all Town Hall levels.

9. Archers Towers and Cannons:

Upgrade Archers Towers before Cannons because they can attack both Air and Ground troops with higher attack speed and damage.