Latest Clash of Clans Anti-GoWiPe Town Hall 8 War Base 2016

Hello, guys. Welcome to our Clash of Clans Community. Since the latest update of Clash of Clans, the Town Hall also stores some of your resources, so you cannot place the Town Hall outside anymore. And you will need a new base to defense your enemy. This passage is going to share with you thelatest Clash of Clans anti-Gowipe Town Hall 8 War base 2016. Hope you will like it.

Latest Town Hall 8 War base:

You can see from the picture above that the Town Hall is placed in the middle of the base so that it can be protected well. And the defenses in this Town Hall 8 war base is placed evenly to cover all the other buildings.

Also this TH 8 War base can help you defense GoWiPe, Gragon and HOG effectively. Your enemy cannot get 3 stars easily by attacking this base.

This is the end of the latest Clash of Clans anti-Gowipe Town Hall 8 War base 2016