Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 (COC ) 3 star Golem and Wizard and Double King

Today i will share Town Hall 9 Golem and Wizard Rush 3 star attack strategy, then here’s a look some of the specific tactical operations and wonderful to share it! I believe that the hand of the player residual party is very happy to see, because the blood thick stone are able to resist the enemy, and this play is really quite good, even then scored two hands residues can star Oh!

The Golem and Wizard Rush push to bring full anti Town Hall 9 (walls slightly, mix Ghost wall purple wall, saving two bomb of the population), formation as follows:[formation analysis]

This array is a triangle formation, the shape of the chapter resource in collector. Before hairdryer version update, four (five) Lava Hound and Balloon fight this array majority.

Golem and Wizard Rush under attack by the supremacy of this array, combined with the double bounce allows large forces in advance of compacted state without walls![offensive tips]

Troop combination: 2 Level 2 Golems, 23 Level 5 Wizards, 8 Level 5 Wall Breakers, 7 Level 6 Archers, Level 12 Archer Queen, Level 13 Barbarian King

Clash of Clans TH 8 (COC) 3 star All Hog Rider Rush Attack Strategy

COC Clash of Clans 3 star full anti-TH 8 anti Hog rider + video graphics array Hog rider tactical analysis

for the players to bring the clash of clans (COC) in about 3 star full anti Town Hall 8, the strongest anti-Hog rider’s formation still able boar mixed Rush bulldozed, do not believe it to look! Photo + Video resolve what the next strongest military skills and tactical analysis, hoping to help the players oh!

a. Pig Rush Dawn of the strongest anti-pig array. Wisdom! Sharp! (Graphic explanation)

1. First attach formation diagram (clearing a lot, does not simulate the first fight, I really do not know where the big fry (rhymes, there is not, is there.))

2. The tower at 2:00 and 7:00 of Cannon at point Pig ~

(intent:! + Caikong attract coalition soldiers, the smart)

3. good character, Caikong ground, can step on two big bomb. (A left, basically no threat)

Clash of Clans TH9 upgrade guide

As soon as you reach TH9, upgrade the following: (in this order)

1) Lab, SF (you can start getting storages here)
2) Clan castle
3) Army camps
4) Dark Elixir drills and storages
5) New buildings (do not add XBow unless you don’t war)
5) Walls and heroes
6) Collectors
7) Defenses

Troops would be: Barbs lvl 6/Giant lvl6, Archers lvl 6, Giants lvl6/Barbs lvl6 (unless you dont use giants), Balloons lvl6 and Lava hounds lvl6. Everything is free game after that.

Always always keep enough DE to upgrade your AQ until she is lvl15.

If you kept her asleep long enough, she will reach lvl 15 by the time the TH8 maxer even gets lvl1 AQ.

Always try to farm more resources than you need.

This would negate any pain when you are raided and allows you to start doing walls early in your TH9 journal.

Ideally if you’re a half serious farmer, you would complete legos before your defenses caught up.

Clash of Clans and Boom Beach – Upgrades Tracker

Have you ever gone to make a list of the things you have decided to upgrade before upgrading your Town Hall in Clash of Clans? It is not an easy task…in fact it can be a painful tedious task! The Clash of Clans Upgrades Tracker tracks your current upgrade levels of all the resources,buildings, troops and spells in your Clash of Clans Base!

The way to efficiently use the Clash of Clans / Boom Beach Upgrades Tracker:
1.Register on the Clash of Clans Tracker or the Boom Beach Tracker to create an account on our site. Note that you register once for both Trackers if you are Clashing and Booming.
2.Log in to the Clash of Clans Tracker or the Boom Beach Tracker.
3.Select your town hall or headquarters level at the top and click the Update button.
4.Select the current levels of all the buildings and troops available at your town hall or headquarters level and click the Update button at the bottom.
The page will provide the remaining upgrades available to you including their cost and time required. is a mobile game platform applied for providing coc players with clash of clans strategy guides for free . If you want more about coc game ,please read other articles in the list .